Leaf Collection

A leaf collector is attached to a utility truck to remove leaves. Leaf collections are made continuously within the city limits throughout the season until all leaves are removed. leafvac

Residents are asked to follow these guidelines for leaf collection:

  • Rake leaves to the tree lawn area and avoid raking them into the street, as this will plug the street storm drains causing them to flood during rain.
  • Make sure each leaf pile is free of contamination such as rocks, sticks, branches, trash, and pumpkins that could cause injury or equipment damage. Note: We cannot pick up these piles and it will be the property owner’s responsibility to remove contamination from the leaf piles. 
  • Drive Safely-Please watch out for children playing in leaf piles.
  • Avoid parking on top or in front of leaf piles along curb lines, as this hampers our crew from collecting the leaves.

Burning of leaves without a permit is a violation of City Ordinance and is prohibited. 


The Michigan City Street Department will begin fall leaf pickup on Monday, October 31, 2022. If residents would like weekly pickups of their leaves, they may use compost/yard waste bags (no plastic bags) available from area merchants. (NO TOTERS PLEASE!) Leaves in paper yard bags or 32 gallon trash cans should be placed in the front of property, and will be picked up, by the Refuse Department with regular compost day until the week ending November 18, 2022

The Street Department request that residents cooperate by following these rules:

  1. No plastic bags are to be used
  2. Branches, rocks and other debris must be kept out of the leaf piles
  3. Leaf piles should be loose in large piles in front of the property as close to the curb as possible, but away from the sewer drains, utility equipment and Fire hydrants.
  4. Please do not use Toters, leaves will not be picked up in those containers
  5. The Street Department will work on Saturdays in all areas as needed
  6. The Street Department is off Thanksgiving

*NOTE* Leaves will not be picked up in the alleys.Picture1



NOVEMBER 21, 22, 23, 26

Area 1 is marked by Franklin Street on the west, Michigan Boulevard and Roeske Avenue on the east and Kieffer Road on the south.


NOVEMBER 7, 9, 10


Area 2 is marked by Lake Shore Drive and U.S. 12 and Shoreland Drive on the north, Michigan Boulevard on the south and Meer Road on the east.


NOVEMBER 14 - 18


Area 3 is marked by County Line Road on the west, Franklin Street on the east, Kieffer Road on the south and Lake Michigan on the north.