City Council

Welcome to the City Council of the City of Michigan City, Indiana!
The Council is composed of nine members. Six members of the Council are elected from wards, with the remaining three members elected at large by the voters of the city.

The purpose of the City Council is to provide citizens with a voice and representation on city administration. The City Council serves as the legislative branch of city government and handles the fiscal responsibilities of the city.

Any questions and comments to our council men/women can be sent through here.

Council Wards Map

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  1. Bryant Dabney

    Council Member, First Ward

  1. Paul Przybylinski

    Council Member, Second Ward

  1. Michael Mack

    Council Member, Third Ward

  1. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Council Member, Fourth Ward

  1. Tracie Tillman

    Council Member, Fifth Ward

  1. Gene Simmons

    Council Member, Sixth Ward

  1. Angie Nelson Deuitch

    Council Member At-Large

  1. Donald Przybylinkski

    Council Member At-Large

  1. Dalia Zygas

    Council Member At-Large