Fire Merit Commission

The Fire Merit Commission consists of up to five members, appointed to four-year terms. An annual salary of $1,800 is paid annually to appointees for sitting on this board.

Meetings: 5:00 PM on the first Monday of each month at 2510 E. Michigan Blvd., Fire Administration building. 

Two members are appointed by the mayor to serve two years, and one by the common council to serve three years. The two persons appointed by the mayor must be of different political parties.

Two members are appointed by the active members of the fire department to serve one year, designated through means of a secret ballot election called and conducted by the board of public works and safety. The two persons elected and subsequently appointed by the firefighters must be of different political parties.

Current Members

Mr. Michael Neulieb
term expires: 10-31-2024
Fire Department Appointment

Mr. Doug Biege
term expires: 11-1-2026
Mayor Appointment 

Angela Nelson-Deuitch
Council Liaison 

Mr. Fred Adrian
term expires: 01-01-2024
Mayor Appointment

Mr. Gregory Deutscher
term expires: 12-31-2024
Fire Department Appointment  

Ms. Cory Schoffner
Commission Attorney 

Mr. Tommy Kulavik
term expires: 12-31-2026
Council Appointment