Plain Clothes Division

MCPD Patch 2Criminal Investigation

The primary function of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Michigan City Police Department is to conduct follow-up investigations of reported complaints of misconduct that have potential criminal elements associated with them. Personnel assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division include sworn Detectives, civilian employees, and volunteer professionals from the community. Detectives are selected through a formal process and receive extensive training in advanced investigative methods. Their investigations consist of collecting and preserving evidence; interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses; analyzing information for validity, reliability, and accuracy; ensuring all investigative approaches are conducted or considered, such as photographs, drawings and records research; and compiling a comprehensive and factual case file to be presented in court by the District Attorney’s Office. 

The Criminal Investigation Division takes pride in not only solving crimes, but preventing them as well. This is accomplished through various investigative strategies such as prolonged investigations in areas most affected by specific crimes, surveillance of target areas, joint operations with other units of the Michigan City Police Department as well as with outside agencies, and taking a "Community Policing Strategy" in dealing with quality of life issues.

Citizens can assist the Criminal Investigation Division anonymously at any time by calling the Crime Tip Hotline at (219) 873-1488.

MCPD Patch 2Street Crimes Unit (Narcotics)

The Street Crime Unit (SCU) of the Michigan City Police Department Plain Clothes Division conducts inquiries into drug and vice complaints within the city, targeting street to mid-level drug dealers, diversion of prescription medications, internet drug crimes, the sale of alcohol and/or cigarettes to minors, prostitution and illegal gambling. SCU also serves a major role in the gathering, processing and dissemination of criminal intelligence.

The Detectives assigned to the Street Crimes Unit annually work hundreds of narcotics related investigations, both short and long term. Many of these investigations are conducted in joint effort with the United States Department of Justice – Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as various local and state law enforcement agencies. 

The SCU also assists the Criminal Investigation Division and Patrol by operating in an undercover role and providing equipment and assistance for conducting video and audio surveillance of suspects.

Citizens can assist the Street Crimes Unit anonymously at any time by calling the Crime Tip Hotline at (219) 873-1488.

MCPD FAST PatchF.A.S.T. - Fugitive Apprehension Street Team

The Fugitive Apprehension Street Team (F.A.S.T.) was formed in January 2014 to provide full-time attention to the apprehension of the thousands of local fugitives on the active warrants and Most Wanted lists. The team is composed of Detectives and Deputies from the Michigan City Police Department, LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department and United States Marshals Service. 

The effectiveness of the F.A.S.T. is credited to the partnership of local officer's community knowledge and the resources and contacts of federal agents. This partnership has allowed the F.A.S.T. to apprehend hundreds of alleged offenders in LaPorte County.

Citizens can assist the F.A.S.T. anonymously at any time by calling their office at (219) 874-3221 x345 or the Crime Tip Hotline at (219) 873-1488.

MCPD Patch 2Professional Standards

The Michigan City Police Department operates with the expectation of the highest levels of professionalism from both sworn and non-sworn personnel. The Professional Standards Division is the guardian of the agency's reputation and ensures our standards for excellence are maintained. The Division protects the integrity of the MCPD and strives to be fair and impartial in all aspects of the investigation process.

The Professional Standards Commander's responsibilities include:

  • Fiscal Management and Agency Property - Oversees inventory and control of cash and property.
  • Disciplinary Procedures - Code of Conduct/Ethical perspective; Employee Recognition; Prohibition of workplace harassment; and Disciplinary System.
  • Internal Affairs - Complaint Investigation
  • Inspectional Services - Oversees line and staff inspections


The Michigan City Police Department welcomes citizen input and feedback regarding the actions or professionalism of our officers and civilian employees. If a member of the MCPD has provided excellent service to you, please let us know.

Persons wishing to compliment an officer or employee should prepare a brief description of the officer or employee's performance and submit your compliment online or mail it to:

Michigan City Police Department
Division of Professional Standards
1201 East Michigan Boulevard
Michigan City, IN 46360

A copy of the complimentary letter will be placed in the employee's personnel file. You will be notified via a letter from the Office of the Chief that the Department has received your compliment.


The Michigan City Police Department is invested in the welfare of all persons and in taking action where its employees may have neglected their duties. Citizens initiating misconduct complaints can be assured their complaint will be given a thorough and fair investigation. If you feel an employee of the MCPD has mistreated you in any manner, please let us know.

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MCPD Patch 2Records

The Records Division of the Michigan City Police Department is tasked with all records keeping responsibility for the Department. Services provided by the Records Division include:

  • Copies of Michigan City Generated Police Reports
  • Handgun Permit Applications
  • Case Report Synopsis (for named parties)
  • Fingerprinting
  • Employment Background Check
  • Parking Ticket Payment
  • Vehicle Inspections and VIN Number Checks

MCPD Patch 2Information Technology

The Information Technology Division (IT) provides the computer infrastructure in support of the Michigan City Police Department's public safety mission and service to our citizens. The IT Division is responsible for many mission critical systems and applications which support local, state, and federal law enforcement efforts.

MCPD Patch 2Civilian Staff

The Michigan City Police Department employs several civilian employees in a variety of administrative, technical, scientific and administrative support functions. The civilian employees of the MCPD work together with the sworn officers in meeting the community’s law enforcement and public safety needs.