In accordance with City Code of Ordinance, the Fire Marshal conducts regular inspections of all businesses and schools within the city limits. The Fire Marshal may also conduct inspections of private residences and rental units upon request and as time and resources will allow. 

If you have received your annual inspection within the last 30 days, please provide us with your feedback using the Annual Fire Inspection Review Survey.

Annual Business Fire Code Compliance Inspections

The first priority of the Michigan City Fire Department is prevention. We always prefer to stop a fire or emergency before it happens, and the best way to protect your business from fire and other dangerous events is strict code enforcement.

The MCFD Fire Marshal will conduct at least one Fire Code Compliance Inspection of every business within the city limits annually. There is a $30.00 fee for each inspection and it is the responsibility of the business owner to pay the fee to the Fire Administration Office. 

The MCFD is here to help and we are always happy to provide business owners and employees with information on code compliance and fire prevention. If you have questions, please contact the Fire Marshal and let us help you operate your business in the most safe, compliant and efficient way possible.

To learn more about the other services the MCFD provides to business owners, please visit the Business Owners section of our website. 

New Construction Fire Code Compliance Inspections

The MCFD Fire Marshal works closely with the Planning & Inspection Department, which issues building and demolition permits for our community, to review building plans and ensure all sprinkler, fire alarm and fire suppression systems are properly installed. The Fire Marshal also conducts inspections at different times throughout the construction of new projects to ensure that contractors are adhering to all recognized adopted codes and standards. Those codes include, but are not limited to, Indiana Fire and Building Codes, local ordinances and various National Fire Protection Association standards that have been adopted by the State of Indiana.

Residential & Tenant Service Request

Inspection of private residences is not mandated by City Ordinance, however the Michigan City Fire Department will inspect private homes as a service to the homeowner or tenant, as time and resources will allow, to discuss fire prevention, asses potential hazards and provide suggestion for home fire escape and plans. To request a residential inspection, please contact the Fire Marshal or the Public Information Officer.

Citizens with Special Needs, Disabilities & the Elderly

The City of Michigan City and the Michigan City Fire Department urge families who use medical care aids such as cardiac monitors, ventilation devices, feeding tubes, wheelchairs or any other assistive devices and technologies to complete a Special Needs & Disabilities Self-Identification Form. This form should be completed for all family members who are non-ambulatory and would require assistance during an evacuation situation in your home. 

The specific medical information collected will help paramedics, firefighters and police officers better serve you and your loved ones in the event of an emergency or disaster. The information will be used to create a map of citizens who have special needs so Emergency Responders will know quickly where citizens who will need additional in help a crisis are located and allow for a more efficient and effective disaster response plan. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

If your medical condition changes, please be sure to update the MCFD by completing a new form or calling the Administration Office at (219) 873-1440.

School Inspections

The MCFD Fire Marshal will conduct at least one Fire Code Compliance Inspection of every public school within the city limits annually. There is no fee for inspection of a public school facility. An Inspection Checklist for School Programs will be reviewed and a copy of the findings is provided to the Superintendent of Schools. 

The MCFD requests that all schools within the city limits notify the department of all planned fire drills using the School Fire Drill Notification Form.

For questions about School Inspections, please contact the Fire Marshal.

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