Yard Waste & Compost Pickups

Yard waste/compost pickups begin in May and continue through November. 

  • Yard waste and/or compost must be placed in 32-gallon or less capacity plastic garbage containers, cardboard boxes, and/or paper bags. Consider safety when loading and placing containers at curbside since Refuse Department loaders manually lift yard waste containers into the compost truck hopper. Our employees manually lift several hundred-yard waste and compost containers each day.
  • The Rubbermaid Brute 32-gallon waste container or other similar containers seem to be the best in terms of cost, weight, durability, and ease of handling. They may be purchased at a local hardware or retail store.
  • PLASTIC BAGS cannot be used since they do not decompose.
  • Please do not use 32-gallon wheeled containers (TOTERS) since they are too heavy when filled and can cause injury to Refuse Department personnel.
  • Do not place dirt, road sweepings, rocks, trash, or other debris in the container which makes the container very heavy and/or contaminates your yard waste/compost. Note: The resident will be responsible for removing these materials before we will pick up your yard waste/compost.
  • All compost pick-ups must be placed out on the curbside for removal and will not be picked up or removed from alleys.
  • The resident will be responsible for getting their compost to the street. 
  • Bundled branches must be no more than 4 ft. in length and bundled. 

Listed below are the schedules for the regular trash pick-up and the corresponding pick-up day for the composting materials only.

If Your Regular Trash Pickup Day Is:Your Compost/Yard Waste Pickup Day Is:
Tuesday    Friday
Thursday  Tuesday
Friday    Wednesday