Trash Pickup

Regular Trash Pickup

Sanitary District Trash ContainerTrash Pickup Guidelines:

  • Trash Must be out by 6:00 AM on service day and within two feet of the alley or curb. If no alley exists, then use the curb/street line.
  • Trash must be placed in City-issued container.
  • All trash must fit within the City-issued container.
  • All items placed in your City-issued container should be bagged.
  • If you have more than what fits in the City-issued container, there may be an additional fee.
  • Any recyclable materials should be placed in your recycling container and will not be taken with regular trash.
  • For winter months, City-issued containers must be free and clear of any snow.
  • City-issued containers must be accessible and not blocked by any vehicles.
  • Do not place the following items inside the City-issued trash collection toters:

For new residents in need of a City-issued container, or to request an additional container, please Contact Us.

Trash Violations:

All trash collection violators will receive a letter from the Refuse Department explaining the violation, as well as the corrective action to take.

Refuse Violation 04All refuse bags MUST be placed in City-issued containers.

Refuse Violation 02Only City-issued containers may be used for trash collection. If you wish to dispose of old trash cans, please write/paint “TAKE ME” on the cans and they will be removed.

Refuse Violation 05For large or special pickups, Contact Us to arrange a special collection. Do not set these items out with your normal trash.

Large Item, Miscellaneous or Yard Waste Extra Pickup

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Missed Trash or Yard Waste Pickup Requests

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Construction and Building Debris

DumpsterThe Refuse Department does not pick up construction and/or building debris during regular trash pickup. Utilizing a dumpster for collection of building debris is required within city limits. 

For more information on construction and building debris removal, please Contact Us.