Reasonable Modification & Accommodation Policy

In accordance with FTA C 4710.1, transportation agencies that provide fixed route and ADA complementary paratransit service are required to make reasonable modifications and or accommodations to their policy, practice, and procedures to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability or to provide program accessibility to service.

The procedure regarding reasonable modification applies to Michigan City Transit, fixed route service and ADA complimentary paratransit service “Dial a Ride”.

Request for reasonable modifications for this service will be handled in accordance with this policy.

The Michigan City Transit Director is responsible for the operations and coordination of Reasonable Modification Policy.

Michigan City Transit will review and honor request for reasonable modifications
and/or accommodations.

Michigan City Transit request advance notice of request for modified service
whenever feasible.

Request for modification can be made by contacting our office at (219) 879-1502 or in writing mailed/delivered to Michigan City Transit, 1801 Kentucky Street, Michigan City IN 46360.

Request for modification can be made to the bus operator in “real time” bus operator will honor flag stops along fixed route as long as it safe to do so.

Request for reasonable modification may be denied for one of the following reasons only:

  1. Granting the request would create a direct threat to the health or safety of others.
  2. Without granting the request, the individual with a disability will is able to fully use Michigan City Transit service for its intended purpose.
  3. Granting their crude request would create an undue financial and administrative burden on Michigan City Transit. 
  4. Granting a request would fundamentally alter the nature of Michigan City
    transit service.

Michigan City Transit will make every possible effort that would not result in a direct threat of fundamental alteration to ensure that individual with a disability receives the service and/or benefit of our transit service.

Updated: August 2017