Bus Stop Locations

Route OneRoute TwoRoute ThreeRoute Four
Washington St/6th StreetWashington St./6th StreetWashingt St./No StopsWashington St./6th St.
7th Street7th Street5th Street/Franklin St.10th St.
9th Street/Franklin St.9th Street/Franklin St.Pine St.10th St./Wabash St
Franklin St./Green St.Detroit St./Pine St.Michigan Blvd.Elston St.
Ripley St.Lafayette St.Michigan Blvd./7th St.(Blvd Gardens)Chicago St.
Barker Ave.Lafayette St./Homer St.8th St.Cooper St./Willard Ave.
Skwiat Legion Ave.Barker Ave.10th St.(Petti's)Willard Ave./10th St.
Pytynia Pkwy. (Ames Field)Barker Ave./Oak St.Poplar St.10th St./Grant St.
Earl Rd.Tilden Ave.Jackson St.Hancock St.
Cool spring Ave.Hendricks St.Woodland Ave.Hayes St.
CVSJackson St.Esther St.Sheridan Ave./US HWY 12
Chestnut St.Butler St.Carroll Ave./Broadway8th St./Hancock St.
Barker Rd./Al's SupermarketWoodland Ave.Fairfield Ave./Fas PakGrant St.
C & B Optical (IVY Tech)Esther St.(Queen of All Saints)Holliday St./Carroll Ave. (South Shore Station)Willard Ave.
St. John Rd./Marquette MallCarroll Ave.Carroll Ave./Thomas St.Kennedy Ct.
St John Rd./No StopsCarroll Ave./Greenwood Ave.McDonald's(Driveway)Ohio St.
Franklin St./Alfred Ave.Indian RidgeMichigan Blvd./Calumet Ave.Wabash St.
Barker Rd./Al's SupermarketCoolspring Ave.Woodland Ave.Wabash St./8th St.
Garrettson Pl.Coolspring Ave./No StopsGrace St.(Bus Shelter)10th St.
Coolspring Ave.Salem Ct./Bus Shelter(across from Office)School St.Williams St.
Gardena St.Welnetz Rd.Vail St.Ann St. (St. Anthony's Hospital)
Arthur St. (Dairy Queen)Welnetz Rd./Woodland Ave.10th St.Barker Ave.
South St.Woodland Ave./Medical Group(Health Partners)8th St.Barker Ave./Ohio St.
Barker Ave.Barker Rd.6th St.Ohio St./Garfield St.
Ripley St.(Woodsedge-before car wash)4th St./Pine St.Indiana St.
Williams St.Brown Mackie College(2nd Driveway)LibraryEarl Rd.
Detroit St.Normandy Village/1(Pool Area)Washington St.Ogden Ave.
10th St./Pine St.2(Office Area)Wabash St.St. John Rd./Marquette Mall
Pine St./8th StreetPahs Rd./Cleveland Ave.Wabash St./6th St.Marquette Mall North Exit
6th StreetCleveland Ave./Rittenhouse(before driveway)7th St.Dunes Plaza/Kohl's (Bike Rack)
4th St./LibraryBarker Rd.9th St./Washington St.Franklin St./HWY 421/Dollar Tree
Wabash St.Barker Rd./Lawndale Pl.Franklin St.Office Max
Wabash St./No StopsMaple St.Franklin St./Green St.Westwind Dr./South wind Apts. ( 1st driveway)
US HWY 12/No StopsFranklin St./C & B Optical(across from IVY Tech)Ripley St.Southwind Dr.
Franklin St./Galveston's (1st Driveway)St. John's Rd.Barker Ave.Southwind Dr./400 N./Kieffer Rd.
Washington Park/Michigan City ZooSt. John Rd./Marquette MallSkwiat Legion (Salvation Army)400 N./Kieffer Rd./Bob Evans (driveway)
Evelyn Barker Rd.Franklin St.HWY 421/No StopsPytynia Pkwy. (Ames field)Walmart
Senior Center US HWY 20/No StopsEarl Rd.Menard's & Chili's
Lakeshore Dr./Lake Ave.Cleveland Ave./Pahs Rd.Coolspring Ave.Franklin St./HWY 421/Corner by Game Stop before turn
Washington Pk. Blvd./No StopsPahs Rd./Woodland Ave.CVSMeijer's
Lake Hills Rd./Carter St.Michigan City High SchoolChestnut St.Aldi's
Loran Rd.(Canterbury Apts.)Barker Rd. (Al's Supermarket)No Stops
Loran Rd./Washington Park Blvd.Day Break (before driveway)C & B Optical (IVY Tech)Franklin St./HWY 421/Carson's
Washington Pk. Blvd./No StopsUS HWY 20/No StopsSt. John Rd.Marquette Mall/St. John's Rd./Ohio St.
Liberty Trail/R & L. Pallets (2nd Driveway)Evergreen Plaza/Bureau of Motor VehiclesSt. John Rd./Marquette MallOhio St./East Side/Ogden Ave.
E. 8th St.US HWY 20/No StopsSt. John Rd./Ohio St.Ohio St./Earl Rd.
Springland Ave.Woodland Ave./Woodsedge(Naturally Wood)Ohio St./Hearthside Bakery (at crosswalk)Indiana St.
Springland Ave./Carrol Ave.Welnetz Rd.Village Rd.Garfield St.
Roeske Ave.Welnetz Rd./No StopsMidwest (across from Garden Estates)Barker Ave./Elston St.
karwick Rd./Lakeland EstatesSalem Ct./Office Area400 N./Kefir Rd.Wabash St
Tryon Rd.Coolspring Ave.400 N./Kieffer Rd./Bob Evans (driveway)Wabash St./Ann St.(St. Anthony's Hospital)
Martin Luther King Blvd.Coolspring Ave./Carroll Ave.WalmartGreen St.
Sanders St.Carroll Ave./Arbor Pointe Apts.400 N./Kieffer Rd./Clarion Inn Hotel10th St.
CVSGreenwood Ave.US HWY 421/Franklin St./Towne Center6th St.
Karwick Plaza (Al's Supermarket)Barker Ave.(Corner by Game Stop before turn)Washington St.
19th HoleBarker Ave./Woodland Ave.Town Center/Chili's/Menard's6th St./Franklin St.
Odell St.Butler St.Meijer'sPine St.
Martin Luther King Blvd.Jackson St.Aldi'sPine St./No Stops
Tryon Rd.Hendricks St.Franklin St./Alfred St.4th St./Library
Lakeland EstatesPoplar St.Barker Rd. (IVY Tech) 
Springland Ave.Oak St.Garrettson Pl. 
Roeske Ave.Lafayette St.Coolspring Ave. 
Carrol Ave.Lafayette St./Thurman Ave.Gardena St. 
Woodland Ave.Pearl St.Arthur St. (Dairy Queen) 
Dickson St.Detroit St./Spring St.South St. 
Vail St.Pine St.Barker Ave. 
8th Street/E StreetPine St./11th St.Ripley St. 
E. Street/Miller St. (Blue Chip Casino)8th St.Williams St. 
Emily St.6th St.Detroit St. (BP Gas Station) 
Union St.4th St./Library10th St./Pine St. 
Union St./No Stops Pine St./8th St. 
Cook St./US HWY 12 6th St. 
US HWY 12/No Stops 4th St./Library 
Michigan Blvd./No Stops   
4th St./Pine St.