I have water backing up into my home from my sewer drains. What should I do?

Call the Sanitary District at 219-874-7799 and request a check for possible blockage or obstruction in the District's main line. If there is a main line blockage or obstruction, in the District main alone, it will be cleared by the Sanitary District and your drains will resume normal function. If the Sanitary District crew does not find a blockage in the main line, or if your drains are not functioning properly after the District cleans the main line, they will advise you that the problem may be in the "private" or homeowner's line from the District main to the home. The Sanitary District is not permitted to work on that line. You will be advised to contact a private sewer contractor. Private contractors will charge you for their services. They are listed in the phone book under "Sewer Contractors". The Sanitary District may not recommend or contact a private sewer contractor for you. 

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1. What does the Sanitary District charge for checking or cleaning the District main line and are there any restrictions on what the District can do for me?
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6. I have water backing up into my home from my sewer drains. What should I do?
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