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Developer Notification of Intent to Proceed to a Complete Proposal

  1. The City is seeking responses from those Developers that (1) have proven capacity to execute relevant projects of similar scale and complexity, (2) have financial strength to support the effort. Developers who have reviewed the RFP, believe they are able to meet the developer experience and financial capacity criteria, and intend to submit a proposal in response to this RFP shall state their intent via the form below.  This declaration of intent to submit is non-binding but will be helpful to the City and other stakeholders in anticipating and preparing for Development Proposals. Please submit Notification of Intent by October 29, 2021.    

    Notification of Intent to Submit a Full Proposal:

    Authorized and acting on behalf of the Development Entity identified below, I have reviewed the Developer Experience and Financial Capacity criteria and the development requirements and guidelines for the 11th Street Central RFP. The Development Entity is submitting this Statement of Notification to submit a proposal.  

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